To welcome the Lunar New Year for 2018 Blueseed organized our team party to look back on the past year together on the rooftop of the Upper Saigon Tower in Ho Chi Minh City. The Blue family was excited to join donning beautiful costumes following in either black and silver or gold and red. As you can see the room and our team looked fantastic!

Amongst the party atmosphere, some silence was restored when our CEO, Steve Nguyen addressed the whole team reflecting on the past 12 months.

We’ve quoted (and translated) his address: “2017 marks a milestone where Blueseed Digital has transformed from an agency model to an ad-tech company. Despite many challenges, we have overcome the obstacles to achieve many achievements and become a Premium Video Advertising Marketplace. Amongst these achievements I’m especially proud of a few including, developing Hadar One – Blueseed’s exclusive ad server, launching Rigel DMP (Data Management Platform) officially to target audiences precisely, expanding our exclusive publisher network including joining with Pose.com.vn, Chiasenhac.vn, and most amazingly we welcomed 4 healthy cute children to the Blue family (the newest team members cute photos brought the biggest response from the crowd… :)).

2018 will have more difficulties awaiting us, but if we stay focused – be humble – always hustle and keep going forward, we will make 2018 a great year, again, right? Do you agree with me? (the response was unanimous). I’m so excited to welcome our 5th birthday with all of you this December, but for now, CHEERS” (followed by several rounds of – mot, hai, ba dzo!!! – amongst the team).”

A powerful finale to the presentation was the inspirational quote (and clip) – “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him”. Our team is definitely ready to move forward together in 2018!

We had the amazing night together with several entertaining performances. There is no distance between departments, senior or junior staff because we are family, we love each other and move forward hand in hand, side by side.

Here are many great pictures of our team celebrating their year and looking forward to the coming one! Bring on 2018!