Blueseed 5th Birthday Company Trip – The Winter Soldier’s Journey

Late in 2018 the Blueseed Group held its 5th Anniversary teambuilding trip to Phan Rang in Ninh Thuan Province. Dubbed ‘the Winter Soldier’s Journey’ due to Blueseed’s birth in the winter of 2014 the event celebrated our team successes from the beginning until now and the huge potential of the future. 2019 is a momentus occaision for the Blueseed group as the company expands into 4 unique business areas – Blueseed Advertising Network and Ad Tech, Bluesummit Digital Performance Marketing, Blueseed Digital Media full service digital planning and execution agency service and Inspirato Content and Social marketing agency. Blueseed is now in an amazing position to fulfil all needs of clients in our fast moving digital age.

The Blueseed team are a typically young and energetic group, they embraced events like trekking and rafting with the enthusiasm that has driven the companies growth so far.

Event’s like this are crucial in growing personal bonds between our team members and enhancing our understanding and co-operation between team members. This trip was extremely successful in helping our team and each other reach our goals. We returned eager to face the upcoming challenges and continue to achieve great success together!

Blueseed Group Company Trip

This trip enabled our entire family to have not just an amazing and memorable time but to refresh both mind and body and prepare to move forward with even higher energy to keep achieving our onging goals in the coming year!

This video highlights some of the the incredible experiences the Blueseed Group family shared: