Blueseed Leads Local Video Advertising Market Into 2017

Blueseed continues to lead video advertising in Vietnam. As digital advertising begins to take advantage of it’s interactive nature Blueseed is leading the way in digital InStream, OutStream and Mobile advertising in Vietnam.

It’s an area that marketers are increasingly looking to capitalize on too with over half the Vietnamese population now online and the Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report showing that Vietnamese spend more that 3 full work days online per week (24 hours and 7 minutes weekly)! Even more amazingly now Nielsen found that 78% of digital consumers are watching TV content and movies online and amongst those 67% claim to stream VOD content every day! Movies (97%) followed by entertainment programs (90%), news and current affairs (89%) and music shows/videos (87%).

For Blueseed, leading the market in reach isn’t enough! The focus is on innovating the entire digital video advertising space!

When asked about the findings Blueseed CEO Mr Nguyen Tan Ho mentioned that whilst “reach is a huge part of the Blueseed Platform, it’s Blueseed’s highly engaging ad formats, proactive real time ad optimization and developments in data driven performance that will continue to push Blueseed and it’s customers and partners online advertising success.” Mr Ho continued adding that the company has “several big announcements in terms of new level high performance ad formats across devices and data targeting technology coming in the next few weeks and months.”