4Blueseeders were close-knit to overcome challenges of Tu Lan adventure in Quang Binh with 13km including climb, swimming, caves exploring,…

Starting trip, some guys were very scared in dangerous journey even giving up, but luckily, CEO of Blueseed – Mr Nguyen Tan Ho gave timely encouragements to inspire them: “I have had asthma, but I experienced in Fansipan mountain which is the highest in Indochina. We can do it if we believe in ourselves. Please don’t worry, you’re not alone, you have a team behind to help each other. We’re here to be STRONGER TOGETHER, break our weakness, not give up”.

Therefore, we had enough members as much as possible to subdue this adventure. Blueseed’s family has had happy moments together with unforgettable memories.

And here is clip to record our trekking…

After all, each one of Blueseeders has learned teamwork spirit and how to break ourselves limitation.

Ms Hong Nhung (Ad Product Executive) expressed: “I have never liked dangerous activities like this. Furthermore, my habitus is weak, so I think I won’t do it. However, my team encouraged and helped me so much. They didn’t leave me alone, so it made me be moved to tears. I can’t believe that I did it. I’m so proud of myself and grateful my team. This trekking has teached me how to win myself. Thank for all”

Ms Thuy An (Account Manager) expressed: “I didn’t like this kind of team building in 2017 before, but after that I recognized a meaningful lesson “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, you will need a team”. I’m grateful it and thank for Blueseed”