Brand Safety – Blueseed Tackling the Challenge Head On

In mid March-2017, reports exploded revealing several major brands running Youtube video ads appearing amongst immoral content including extremist messages. Brands were quick to distance themselves from the platform and the online ad industry as a whole is looking to ensure that brand safety is a priority for the industry.

What is brand safety?

Basically, brand safety entails ensuring your ads appear in a clean non-offensive environment to that brand’s audience. Naturally, this will vary brand to brand but the IAB classifies the types of content that can be considered dangerous to brands as:

  • Adult Content
  • Facilitation of Illegal Activities
  • Controversial Subjects (Occult, Taboos, Unusual Lifestyles, etc.)
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Drugs/Alcohol/Controlled Substances
  • Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence
  • Incentivized Manipulation of Measurements
  • Hate/Profanity
  • Nuisance/Spyware/Malware/Warez
  • Political/Religion
  • Unmoderated User Generated Content

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Furthermore, brands may wish to avoid content negatively portraying their brand or product, for example, an article about a failure of one of their products or an ad for a fast food restaurant appearing next to an article about the health risks of fast food.

Do you know where your ads are running?

Digital advertising gives us the power to reach the right people at the right time with unique control over a campaign budget. This doesn’t come without risks!

Advantage of digital marketing is to reach the right people at the right time in any budget, so your campaign will gain objective successfully. Only by working with partners who understand your brand concerns and actively protect your brand safety can you confidently know your digital campaigns are performing in the ways you expected.

What is Blueseed doing to protect our client’s brand safety?

Blueseed is built upon working closely with our clients to deliver the best online advertising results and brand safety is a big part of this. The keys to our approach to this crucial area include:

1-Blueseeds (PPN) Premium Partners Network – Our high-level partnership with leading publishers genuinely works to counter issues of brand safety directly.

It’s not enough to just connect the biggest and best network of premium video advertising inventory in the market. We actively work with our partners to ensure they understand and uphold the key brand safety of our various clients. Your campaign is always managed within appropriate sites and with the utmost of care to protect your brand integrity.

2-Real Time Ad Fraud Monitoring – Market leading AdTech protecting against ad fraud in real time.

We build manual and automated checks into all our campaigns to detect any fraudulent activity within your campaign. Our newly developed Hadar One Fraud Detection algorithm analyzes all impressions (IP address, time stamp, user agent, publisher ID, cookieID) and intelligently identifies and eliminates any unwanted activity within a campaign.

3-Third Party Tracking Available – Working with leading partners to ensure viewability and brand safety are always the top priority.

Despite our best internal efforts, we understand that in this day and age third party monitoring can provide an extra level of peace of mind to brand advertisers. Blueseed actively works to integrate with all major 3rd party tracking providers and analyzes their insights to continually improve our own best practices. Some of the partners we work with include: Decision Lab, Sizmek, Integral Ad Science (IAS), comScore, MOAT and Atlas.

4-The Most user Friendly Ad Formats – High Impact/Limited Disturbance – Blueseed uses only the best in and out stream ad formats for both user experience and ad performance.

Brand safety goes beyond a given impression happening on a page featuring unsavoury content. Blueseed leads the market for in and outstream highly engaging yet user friendly ad formats ensuring your ads are seen by your target audience but don’t cause any disturbance. In fact, Blueseed is the pioneer in ad formats that actually enhance user experience on a site. Helping the Vietnamese publishers move away from excessive numbers of low performing banners towards high impact, non-invasive, highly engaging formats. Check out our in and out stream solutions for more information.

5-Rigel Data Vietnamese NLP Topic Targeting/Exclusion – Rigel Data’s propriety developed topic verification can target (or avoid) topics of brand concern.

Rigel Data works closely with Blueseed to classify over 8 million unique URL’s every month within our 65 categories (and growing) taxonomy. You can ensure your brand ads appear within the correct context by utilizing Rigel’s advanced contextual targeting in your next campaign.

Blueseed remains committed and vigilant to the ongoing developments in brand safety requirements and will remain at the forefront of delivering reliable, safe campaign performance to our clients. Contact us today to discuss your brand safety requirements and let us set your mind at ease.