Challenges Bring Opportunities – Blueseed Event in Hanoi Shows how Marketers can Succeed in a Changing Environment

1As Vietnam’s leading Premium Video Advertising Marketplace Blueseed Digital focus on bringing the hottest trends and performance to our clients. Through this commitment, we look to create an environment where leaders on the agency, brand, publisher and research side can share ideas and all work together to keep the industry moving as fast as possible. On Friday the 15th of December we held our final event for 2017 in Hanoi attended by 100 leading digital marketers uncovering several of the key online topics and some of the solutions taking our industry forward. Below is a summary of the day’s presentations!

The event opened with an insight into what we can all expect in 2018 presented by Blueseed CEO Steve Nguyen. Expect plenty more on data, mobile, connected TV, shorter attention-grabbing TVCs and programmatic according to Steve.

Data continues to be a huge part of Blueseed’s strategy and in fact the whole advertising industry and Blueseed’s Head of Data Strategy, Bill Crang, took the chance to share how Blueseed’s partner Data Management Platform (DMP) Rigel Data is helping to reach the right audience at the right time and drive campaign performance through the roof.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The same can be said for digital ads that aren’t viewable and native. Blueseed’s Hanoi Branch Head Truong Le showed the way Blueseed focuses on viewable and native formats to ensure campaigns are seen and effective.

Mobile isn’t the future, it’s NOW! Blueseed Head of Business Development Louis Nguyen showed the latest in innovation utilizing the mobile experience helping advertisers maximize ROI on the most popular platform.

Blueseed works closely with agile research leaders Decision Lab and it was great to have them join and present their latest insights on tracking the metrics that matter in digital to give complete understanding of their campaign ROI and how to maximize it. Blueseed is offering more integration with the Decision Lab team in 2018 with in target tracking across our network giving previously unseen access to campaign delivery performance. Contact us to find out more!

It was great to have so many passionate marketers in Hanoi join us on the day. The engagement throughout added a lot to the already exciting topics and have given us plenty to work on in delivering more digital video advertising success throughout 2018 and beyond! More photos from the day can be found on our Facebook page.

Overall the day was a great success enabling us to share the innovation we work tirelessly on bringing to our services with some of our most valued clients. We can’t wait to bring our successful solutions to these challenges and plenty more in a prosperous 2018!