As Vietnam’s pioneer Video Network Blueseed is continuously pushing to launch new and innovative solutions pushing the digital advertising effectiveness levels ever higher. For 2 years now we’ve led the market in innovating new outstream ad formats after first bringing the InRead Desktop format to the market and driving its growth.

We never rest though! Digital advertising is continuously evolving and we are passionate about continuing to drive the Vietnamese market forward improving our clients ROI and capacity!

From early September 2017, we have launched our latest format taking Outstream advertising to new levels on mobile devices.

Why vertical is crucial to mobile formats? Studies have shown over 92% of mobile usage occurs with the phone in the portrait (vertical) alignment. This includes typical website browsing and article reading – typical out stream website usage! A vertical format therefore gives far better brand impact and creates a richer creative platform for advertisers to tell their stories to mobile users. Early adopting brands are already seeing stellar results from the new format.

Find out more about the power of InRead Mobile Vertical and how it all works in this introduction:

If you are looking for a bigger impact on mobile screens for your next campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us