Don’t Forget Mobile Format’s In Your Marketing Campaigns

Mobile is changing a game of digital landscape

Vietnam, which is one of four countries in Asia Pacific, has rapidly increased about user’s smartphone (Report of Opera Mediaworks and Marketing Association (2015)).

Vietnam demonstrates a more heavily mobile-only population than other global and regional markets, particularly among millennials of whom around half access the internet via mobile devices only in a month.

Audiences for mobile sites are now approaching the scale of even the largest desktop entities

Vietnamese user behavior & demographic for mobile device

Demographic of Vietnamese user for mobile device

According to comScore (2016), the total of mobile audiences are higher than desktop, and segment of 18 – 34 years old accounts 72.8% of all mobile users

While smartphone increases for digital overall, but on a per-user level, tablet devices can offer greater engagement times

Tablet is often favoured for more considered, open-ended activities such as browsing travel destinations and newspaper content, whereas more instant activities such as checking sports scores, checking the weather and search often fall to smaller screens.

When looking at the percentage of each platform’s daily impressions by hour, desktop is more evenly distributed, while smartphones and tablets generate more distinct morning and evening peaks

So, how should you catch up this hot trend to promote your brands?

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