As the year of the dog progresses we’re very happy to see Blueseed’s newly acquired publisher pose.com.vn (now www.pose.vn) jumping from 278 in July 2017 to 33 in March 2018 within the News/Information category according to third-party research from comScore.

These results aren’t isolated to just comScore’s measurement… Google Analytics has seen the sites traffic jump 2.2x (April,2018) vs the same period last year showing that the efforts to create genuinely engaging modern women’s interest content in a highly engaging format is paying dividends. Blueseed invested in Pose in July 2017, diversifying the leading nightlife media platform to cover a broader spectrum of key interest topics of the ever-evolving modern Vietnamese woman.

Blueseed CEO Mr. Steve Nguyen explained the insights driving the companies investment, “Blueseed’s vision is to become the premium video advertising marketplace, leading digital marketing trends in brand safety, data science-driven performance, scalable reach, and native user-friendly ad engagement. Therefore we look continuously for good investment opportunities to expand our exclusive inventory. Pose was not a huge site as it was (when the investment was made) but we could see its potential and advantages we can develop in the future. We’re all so happy to see the new progress of Pose after nearly one year with the new orientation. It’s reflective of the effort of the current Pose team. Going forward I believe Pose will be a key part of our Group.”

Blueseed Group overview - Vietnam's leading digital advertising group
Blueseed Group’s continued expansion focuses on Ad Tech as the leading Premium Video Advertising Marketplace, Content through Inspirato Media, Smart TV In-home Entertainment on Flix Vietnam SmartTV service and increasing our reach and creative advertising capacity with partherships with progressive website publishers like Pose.com.vn and leading music site Chiasenhac.vn


CEO of Pose, Mr. Louis Nguyen shared: “It’s been a great honor to take on this new role with Pose. With our investment and ownership stake, Pose is being repositioned from the leader in nightlife media to the #1 site for fearless modern Vietnamese women. We’re continuing to discover and exploit the site’s advantages and also learning from some disadvantages as we go. Our mission is to empower young women to own who they are and be who they want to be and we are focusing on taking these women into an entertaining, fearless future shaped by fashion, beauty, entertainment, society and modern lifestyle. The current results we’re seeing are proof that what we’re doing is the right direction. Contributing to this success alongside the belief of the Blueseed BOD’s investment has been the tireless effort of Pose’s team, I can’t emphasize enough how much their hard work has paid off in pushing the site forward. With our unanimity, I trust we will achieve more successes to contribute Blueseed Group’s ongoing growth

If you want to find out how Blueseed Group’s Ad Tech Solutions, huge Network of Owned and Partner publishers or Video Content solutions can grow your brand in the Vietnam market contact us today!


Pose.com.vn editiroial team celebrate at the Blueseed Group 2018 Lunar New Year in Ho Chi Minh City.
The Pose.com.vn team celebrating the lunar year as a fast growing key member of the Bluseed Digital Group.