InStream desktop video advertising is arguably the most important and effective branding marketing available. Audience shifts from TV to online coupled with the interactivity of digital marketing enable end to end awareness to response campaigns impossible in traditional marketing formats. Blueseed is dedicated to ‘Innovating Video Advertising and provides the leading InStream advertising solutions in Vietnam giving users and advertisers the best possible experience at all times.

Advantages of Instream

  • Guarantee 100% of user’s attention
  • Extremely high performance with CTRs topping 5% and VCR exceeding 50%.
  • High performance targeting to age, gender, interest, geography, content ensuring minimum wasted budget.
  • Premium video inventories from the best video sites in Vietnam.
  • Truly engaging experience driven by visual and audio interaction.

Execution of InStream Formats

Super Preroll

The ultimate in user interaction including image catalog, user directed video, social interaction all help increase brand engagement and maximise user attention to advertising.


Think traditional TVC advertising only better as users can take immediate action (click) and both skippable and non skip formats ensure campaign objectives.


Engaging Video advertising during long play content ensuring the highest possible view completion rate to ensure maximum campaign brand impact.