If your marketing isn’t reaching users on their mobile devices in 2017 you’re behind the industry and your target audience’s online consumption trends. Never fear, Blueseed offer several powerful formats to take advantage of your customer’s shift towards mobile online activity. Nielsen found that 31% of Vietnamese consumers MOST OFTEN access the Internet by smart phones. Of those who watch Video-On-Demand content (VOD), 63% do so on their phones and 34% do so on tablets. These numbers are growing daily so have a look through our market leading mobile ad format solutions and contact us to start your next campaign!

Advantages of Mobile

  • Reach highly engaged content viewers
  • Expand your reach by complementing desktop campaigns across mobile screens
  • High performance
  • Eyeball grabbing immediate impact full screen executions.
  • Save costs reaching the right people (gender, age, geography, etc) at the right time across whole network.
  • Premium inventories
  • Scale to suit budget, big or small!

Execution of Mobile Formats

Preroll Mobile

Like on desktop Preroll is now available on mobile with our html5 plugin for wap browsers and VAST compliant for apps.

InPage Fullscreen Mobile

A solid HUGE impact full screen format that delivers brand message clearly and achieves extreme CTRs.

InFooter Mobile

Designed for strong branding and maximum engagement this graphically rich and dynamic formats sits at the bottom of the screen and remains visibile on the screen at all times.

Inread Mobile

Inread Mobile has features of PC version fully helping your brand catches up target audience exactly by contextually targeted video format placing ad creative in the middle of a relevant article

InFlow Mobile

The most standout impressive format for any branding campaign. Delivered utilizing Blueseed’s frequency capping capability you maximize your audience interest while minimizing wastage.