OutStream enables the best of both display and InStream advertising plus more. No longer are banners an ignored static part of a site but a visually impressive and engaging advertising canvas upon which you can tell your brand story. Video content of varied length can be included seamlessly in Blueseed’s leading OutStream formats. OutStream advertising formats integrate with a huge range of premium content providers and cut through the clutter commonly associated with display formats utilizing visual, audio and interactive features to impress your audience.

Advantages of OutStream

  • Maximize reach with high audience impact
  • High performance viewability and interactivity
  • Reach precisely the right people (age, gender, geography, interest…) at the right time, so saving cost
  • Premium network of 500 of Vietnam’s best sites with most engaging ad formats.
  • Flexibility of campaign budget and scale.
  • Multiple elements to truly engage and influence user
  • High impact formats with minimal disruption to users means higher brand favorability than traditional display formats

Execution of OutStream Formats

Masthead Expand

First impression grabbing format at the top of the page with maximum engagement via auto expand. Fully skippable cost per completed view format limiting campaign wastage.

InRead Plus

A contextually targeted video format placing ad natively within the body of a relevant article including video audio. Video only plays once at least 50% is visible to user. Mouseover expands to full screen. After completion it disappears and the content collapses.


A contextually targeted video format placing ad creative within the body of a relevant article. The video only plays once at least 50% is visible to user. After completion it disappears and the content moves up in its place. Clip sound is enabled with user mouseover.

InFlow iTVC

Interstitial high impact extremely clickable and user skippable video format that guarantees attention in full screen. CPV and CPM pricing options based on campaign targets enable complete performance control.

InFooter Plus

A graphically rich and dynamic format that sits at the bottom of the page for maximum engagement. Addtionally frequency capping means zero wastage and guaranteed user interaction, but when user mouse over 3s, it will be expanded 1000x250 and scrolldown it will be expanded

Balloon iTVC

A rich media format that guarantees the premium display and allows user's interaction for brand engagement. It pops up at the bottom-right corner of the page and stay there for 15s then collapses to a small bar.

Page Take Over

Auto expandable and 100% center of attention on page, allows user interaction with brand messages. User can click to close and ad will minimize to a small bar.