• Blueseeds Innovative InStream Formats Like Super PreRoll Are Changing TVC Advertising For The Better

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Digital Video Experiences Further Fragmentation

According to report of Nielsen, online video viewership in Southeast Asia is increasing quickly, and Vietnam is at the top of this rate. Online video is going on growing and diversifying. As comScore’s report “Digital Future in Focus: Global Trends and Insights” (June, 2016), digital video experiences is been further fragmentation on a global level. Younger users […]

Blueseed Leads Local Video Advertising Market Into 2017

Blueseed continues to lead video advertising in Vietnam. As digital advertising begins to take advantage of it’s interactive nature Blueseed is leading the way in digital InStream, OutStream and Mobile advertising in Vietnam. It’s an area that marketers are increasingly looking to capitalize on too with over half the Vietnamese population now online and the […]

Blueseed Staff Celebrate Tet 2017 – Welcome the Year of the Rooster!

Tet (the lunar New Year celebrated in Vietnam) is a time to celebrate and refresh for the challenges of the upcoming year. After a great year of the Monkey we’re all excitedly looking forward to the year of the Rooster! Blueseed’s 80 staff from throughout Vietnam took the chance to come together and celebrate the […]